Terms & Conditions

General Terms

Thank you for choosing to work with us. By making a purchase or enrolling in a program, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Payment and Fees:

  • Payment is due in full at the time of enrollment/purchase unless otherwise specified in a separate, written agreement.

  • Subscription Payments are to be made monthly.

  • All fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable, unless otherwise expressly stated in this agreement.

Cancellation and Rescheduling:

Cancellation by the Client:

  • If the Client wishes to cancel their enrollment in a subscription/program/meeting, they must provide 15-days written notice to Briones Consulting Group management.

  • Cancellations made more than 15 days before the scheduled start date of the program/meeting may be eligible for rescheduling at the discretion of management.

  • Cancellations made within 15 days of the scheduled start date may not be eligible for rescheduling or refund.

  • Subscriptions will auto-renew unless written notice is provided in a timely manner.

  • Early cancelation requests for subscriptions will be considered on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of Briones Consulting Group's management.

Cancellation by Management:

  • In the unlikely event that the management needs to cancel or reschedule a program/meeting for any reason, they will provide as much notice as possible and make reasonable efforts to accommodate the Client's schedule for a rescheduled session.

  • In such cases, the Client will have the option to either attend the rescheduled session or request a refund.

  • Briones Consulting Group reserves the right to remove any client or participant from our program at any time and for any reason deemed reasonable by our management. Reasons for removal may include but are not limited to non-payment of fees, non-compliance with our recommendations, disruptive behavior, or any actions that negatively affect the program or its participants. In such cases, no refunds will be provided for fees paid to Briones Consulting Group.

Program Content and Materials:

  • All materials, resources, and content provided/purchased are the intellectual property of Briones Consulting Group's management and are protected by copyright laws.

  • The Client agrees not to reproduce, distribute, or share any program materials without the express written consent of

    Briones Consulting Group's management.


  • The Client agrees to keep all information and discussions shared confidential.

  • The management also agrees to keep all Client information confidential unless required by law.


  • Briones Consulting Group's management will provide their best professional advice and support during the consulting/support sessions. However, the Client acknowledges that results are not guaranteed, and the management will not be held liable for any outcomes or decisions made by the Client.

  • The Client agrees to take full responsibility for their actions and decisions during and after the consulting session/program.


  • The management reserves the right to terminate the relationship with the Client if they engage in any inappropriate or disrespectful behavior towards management or other participants.

Modification of Terms:

  • The management may modify these terms and conditions at any time. The Client will be notified of any significant changes to the terms and conditions.

External Links:

  • The management may include/share external links to third-party websites or resources for additional information. The management does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, or reliability of the content on external websites. Users should exercise their own judgment and discretion when accessing such resources.

Outcome Guarantee and Non-Responsibility Policy

No Guarantee of Outcomes or Results:

  • The management does not guarantee any specific outcomes, results, or improvements as a result of participating in the consulting program. The success of the program depends on various factors, including but not limited to the Client's dedication, efforts, and external market conditions.

  • Any testimonials or success stories shared by past clients are not indicative of guaranteed results for current or future participants.

Non-Responsibility for Business Decisions:

  • The management provides advice, guidance, and recommendations during the consulting sessions/programs. However, the Client acknowledges that all business decisions, including but not limited to hiring, pricing, recruitment, and other business operations, are solely their responsibility.

  • The management will not be held liable for any financial losses, damages, or consequences resulting from decisions made by the Client during or after the consulting program.

Client's Commitment:

  • The Client agrees to actively participate in the consulting program, complete any assigned tasks, and apply the knowledge and insights gained from the program at their own discretion.

  • The Client acknowledges that the success of their business ultimately depends on their own efforts and decisions.

Legal and Financial Advice:

  • The management is not qualified to provide legal, financial, or tax advice. Any information or suggestions given during the consulting sessions should not be considered as such.

  • The Client is advised to consult with appropriate professionals for legal, financial, or tax matters related to their business.


  • The Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the management and its representatives from any claims, liabilities, damages, or expenses (including attorney's fees) arising out of or related to the Client's participation in the consulting program or their business operations.

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change. Clients will be notified of any updates or revisions to these terms in advance.

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